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Name: Buford
Hobbies: Trying to avoid hitting homless people who walk in the middle of the street, cloudwatching, not watching TV, being amazed at how gross our dorm is, short sprints by the swamp, etc.
Would fill a giant pool full of what? Tapioca

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Feb 14, 2004
Single's Awareness Day

A friend of mine saluted another with the comment "Happy Single's Awareness Day."  I like this new name for Valentine's Day.  I like it because like most parodies or spoofs, there is a crumb or two of truth in there.  While many rejoice for the love in their life, others stand around sheepishly twiddling their thumbs.  I would have to say that I'm a twiddler today.  For many of the sheepish ones, this is a bother; a fountain of bitterness in some cases.  To those I say "All good things meant to be come in good time."  Hey, it's a biblical principle.  I know a woman who was in her early twenties and so desperately wanted to be married.  She prayed for it constantly and passionately, but her being single didn't change.  Is this unjust?  Let's see a show of hands!  At age 28, it dawned on her that her priorities were the thing to pray about.  She foudn a new attitude, one that put God before her own desires and passions.  About a month or two after she made this change, she met her husband.  What a strange coincidence!  Amazing things happen when we make the right choices, even if it takes a while to get there.  So just remember, you have a pretty great Valentine out there, and therein lies the greatest love of all. 

Posted at 06:04 pm by Phil_Harmonic
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Feb 4, 2004
Chitter Chatter

I've always loved to hate the villans of the comic world.  Whether it be Lex Luther, Green Goblin, Magneto, or The Penguin, I couldn't wait for te hero to smash them with the strong fist of justice.  Of all the villans, however, my least favorite was Two-Face.  I always thought he was too goofy of a villan; always extracting feelings of pity or annoyance rather than fear or anger.  Like a a cheap store brand cereal, he's hardly more than a lackluster Jekel and Hyde facade.  Sadly, I seem to run into these characters more outside of the ink borders than within.  Just the other day, I sat in the cafeteria with some of the usual amigos, listening to the (also) usual stream of complaints and issues of irritation spew from one in particular.  I've no beef with venting, as I obviously spend a fair amount doing it myself.  This wasn't a general, omni directional vent, this was malicious gossip.  Initially, I sat there and tried to ignore the conversation content, but eventually it became too much.  Friends of mine were being brought up, and their shortcomings and faults were being discussed liek there was no tomorrow.  I have a problem with that.  I have an even bigger problem with the fact that friends of mine (who also were friends of those being slandered) simply sat there and endorsed such chatter.  A minute or two into the conversation, I made my way back to the dorm.  I refuse to condone that, and my sitting there does just that.  The part that really baked my noodle was realizing that if I were to be (which I'm sure I am) cut down behind my back, that these same friends of mine wouldn't object in any way.  They might not jump in and help abuse my name, but they would sit there and take it all in.  Way to support your friends, people.  Since when did common courtesy become an oxymoron?  I think that when Christmas rolls around, I'll buy a few backbones for my amigos.       

Posted at 09:19 am by Phil_Harmonic
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Jan 23, 2004
Storms and Balloons

For as long as I can remember, I've always disliked thunder.  Not so much the lighting, just the thunder.  The sudden house-rattling boom would always make my small body jump and my heart skip a beat or two.  I had the same uneasy feeling when it came to balloons popping, my strange sister jumping out and scaring me, or most any suspenseful scene in a horror flick.  Years later, I can say that these feelings havn't entirely gone away.  Do I still jump when thunder cracks or when a balloon pops?  Maybe.  But with the last few years has come a new instigator of uneasy feelings.   It deals mainly with the ladies that I've at one point or another had some degree of romantic interest in.  Although the relationships have been few in number, they all have something in common.  They've all provoked an uneasy feeling at one time or another.  That feeling that I couldn't seem to escape; I was just waiting for the thunder to clap or the balloon to pop.  Sooner or later, like it or not, there was bound to be a man superior in every possible way that just happened to sweep her away.  Sure enough, the crack of thunder always came, and I began to understand that regardless of the situation, it was only a matter of time.   Now I must say that my last experience didn't end the way that the others did, but that's a bit more complicated.  As a result of these experiences, I often wonder if it would affect a marriage in the future - always wondering if she simply settled for what was availible and accessible.  It makes the whole idea of spending a lifetime with another somewhat unappealing.  All these complications could have been avoided if I had simply listened.  Believe it or not, someone out there knows me better than I do, and I refused to listen to Him.  But despite it all, I consider it one of the best lessons I've recieved.  

Posted at 09:30 pm by Phil_Harmonic
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Jan 13, 2004

Beware of the short girl

to myself I once thought

but it wasn't too long

before the cautious boy was caught

first I tried to keep distance

I tried to hold her at bay

I put up strong walls

but they crumbled like clay

she had hold of me then

and continued her pull

she was quite relentless

like a five foot one pit bull

and like a fish out of water

with that helpless look

I'd see she'd reeled me in

that cute worm on a hook

they all said "look away!"

but I never listened

instead I'd catch her gaze

and then my pulse would quicken

she would plant many acres

of dreaded banana fields

but I had weapons of my own

I'd soon leard to wield

shen she would attack

with a pinch that could nearly kill me

I would then retaliate

with a mighty wet willy

I wish I could say that we're even

but that would be hardly true

she wins most our battles

and I go pout and boo-hoo

on top of all that

she's by far my cutest friend

and as far as blessings go

she's indeed a Godsend:)

Posted at 02:12 am by Phil_Harmonic
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Jan 1, 2004
The Big Night

Twas the night of new years
and all throught the house
not a creature was stirring
except the doofus who had nothing to do because he thought he was going a party but didn't go
    Not that this was me or anything.  In fact, I know tons of people and had backup plans out the wazoo just in case things didn't work out with plan A.  Don't belive me?  That's because I'm a horrible liar.  Yes, I thought that we had a solid party plan.  Go to Joe's house, stay until the early morning hours, and have a blast.  Instead, I found out last minute that my party-going friend had decided to change the plan just a little.  Go to girlfriend's house, meet and eat with parents, stare at girlfriend, watch movie, ditch party.  Oh well.  So there I had a blast by myself at home watching other people have a blast.  Hooray.  Might make a funny commercial to go through the rooms of a large, quiet, empty house, when all of a sudden, a quick shot of one lonely fool in a party hat and a pair of Spongebob Squarepants boxers screaming at his TV as the ball drops in Vegas.  Anywho, my parents came back from their party late that night to see their son with an electric guitar in hand, watching Conan O'Brien.  I'm sure the thought that came to mind was "Our son is such a stud."  It might have been "dud" and not "stud," but who really knows.  I actually thought I'd spice up the night and go buy this killer Anthology cd by Satriani, but the whole mall was closed by the time I left.  This made me sad.  I headed back to my awesomely empty house and did a great deal of nothing for the rest of the night.  I think I want to go back to college right about now.

Posted at 10:07 pm by Phil_Harmonic
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Dec 30, 2003
Chug! Chug! Chug!

Watching pro rasslin ain't what it used to be.  Long gone are the days of great, quality matches, in are days like yesterday; girls in skimpy Santa clothing prancing about the ring.  Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Santa or his choice of attire, but this is a little much.  It's annoying to look one place for a product and find another one oddly entangled in there.  Along similar lines, I can see already that the New Year's Eve party that I'll be going to will be one great product with a parisite of another.  The guys that invited me like to party, but also like to drink as well.  I have a problem with drinking.  No, not a drinking problem, the other way around.  I have an even bigger problem with taking biblical material out of context to support drinking.  We're getting really good at doing this, almost to a politician-type level.  All of a sudden, because Jesus drank a glass of wine at the last supper, people feel justified in downing 15 beers and puking all over some guy's flower bed.  There are countless warnings about being drunk and opening that door, but people seem to think that maybe God's just kidding about that.  The fact that the water in the middle east during Christ's era was considered unsafe and that wine was most often the only alternative seems to have slipped a few minds.  Not only that, but it was in celebration in moderation, not for a few guys who get together and drink just to drink.  Wine was used in small amounts, not a case of Bud.  Compromise of this kind makes me vomit.  Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go chug a few in reflection.  

Posted at 08:10 am by Phil_Harmonic
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Dec 14, 2003
Mental Traffic Jam

When my brain cells get annoyed with me, they let me know it by pounding on the inside of my skull, which to say the least, gives me a headache.  They get together and form their little brain cell union, then proceed to jump up and down, pound on my head, and as a last (but not uncommon) resort, refuse to work.  This happens whenever I have a plethora of thoughts to deal with, and this past week was a fine example.  Sometimes I look in the mirror and am suprised to see a reflection staring back.  It's like I forget that I actually exist, that I go about my daily life as others do, and that the things I say and do impact the thoughts and lives of others each and every day.  This is about as basic a concept as one could grasp, yet it still gets away from me every now and then. 
    On an unrelated subject, I can't stand being around babies.  If I would simply say this instead of the not so true and overly blunt "I hate kids" statement, then I'm sure I'd have to explain a lot less.  I end up getting looked at like I'm Charles Manson, which believe it or not, isn't so.  I just don't enjoy being in the presence of small children.  Is that so bad?  When I was on a plane flight to DC just a few days ago, I sat down near the front and was in the process of putting my bag underneath the seat (the point of no return) when I heard a sound that made my heart stop.  "WAAANHHHH, MOMMY!"  I distinctly remember thinking that this was a bad, bad place to sit.  The devil child stared at me a few minutes later with this special look in his eye.  It was a look that said "Haha!  You're in for a long flight, and there's nothing you can do about it, Charles Manson!"  So I sat there trying to read, but there comes a point when reading is futile, and retaining sanity takes my focus.  Anyway, I may be fudging a little bit with the severity of this, but oh well.  Well, I would type some more, but my brain cells are on strike again.

Posted at 09:17 pm by Phil_Harmonic
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Dec 12, 2003
Make up my mind, will ya?

Who out there thinks it's a little strange to judge a decision based on whether or not everyone else makes the same decision?  Let's see a show of hands!  Anyone?  I can't help but think that this type of thinking is a bit narrow-minded.  Let's set a scenario here, and maybe that will help illustrate the doofusness (sure, that's a word) of this.  A 19 year old male decides that he will one day have a great flock of kids, and is the recipient of numerous pats on the back and "Go for it!" comments from older adults.  On the other hand, we have a male of the same age who decides that having children is not a desire of his.  This male is accused of being too young to make any decisions like that, and that he will surely change his ways once he meets the right girl.  Gee, I'm confused.  How is it that one guy has the maturity and rationale to make a huge decision, but the other doesn't?  Oh, that's right, because almost anybody who's anybody has a brat or two.  Nothing like a little understanding of the old lemming philosophy to clear my mental windshield here.  We're all so stuck on what is generally the "thing to do" that anything that runs in opposition is the product of immaturity or faulty reasoning.  Nuts to that, I say.  It's a fact that too many people have kids these days.  Look at the number of kids who grew up in poor conditions and broken homes as a result of the parents making poor decisions.  I think that a little credit should be given to those who know that they could not raise a family in suitable circumstances, and therefore don't have children.  But sad as it may be, I'll be 30 and "too young" to have an opinion about what many 19 year olds have already commited themselves to. 

Posted at 10:53 pm by Phil_Harmonic
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Dec 4, 2003
Picky picky

So I found that there are some websites out there that are quite humerous.  In fact, some of those sites have brought some refreshing humor to a smelly old dorm room at this university.  In some cases however, the humorous content is embroidered with ads that are a bit naughty in nature.  This bothered me a fair amount, so I did what any logical, intelligent Christian would do that sensed the breach of temptation into the fortress of the mind.  I tried to ignore it.  Granted, this may seem stupid and pretty illogical to a sensible person and to that I say, "You're right."  Instead of simply removing a  potentially harmful issue from my screen, I chose simply to try and avert my eyes and keep my focus on the ha-ha hooplah.  This makes about no sense at all.  Yet most all of us do this to one extent or another.  We'll just fast forward through the dirty scenes, go in the bar and not have a drink, party in a crowd that is doing the wrong thing, and just not let it rub off.  What a plan.  Not only are there a plethora of Biblical passages that point out the loop holes in this thinking, common sense should nudge us away from situations mentioned and those similar.  I'm more and more convinced as time goes on that making allowances for sin is stupid.  If it's wrong, who am I to bargin?  Why strike a deal with something that has nothing to offer in the long run?  Easier said than done, I know:)   

On an unrelated topic, I'd like to thank all those that made this past trip home lots of fun.  Rachel, being able to just hang out and pretty much do nothing was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot.  Christmas break will not be complete unless I see George, Ryan, Charlie, Chris, and of course that girl I know who happens to need helpo every now and then.  

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Nov 23, 2003
high school dance + a live band = screaming girls

I was approached by a drummer a couple of weeks ago.  He let me know that he planned to round up a band for a show at a local high school dance.  Why he came to me to play guitar for this puzzles me still, but I went ahead and did it.  We practiced maybe 3 times in our attempt to garner 2 hours worth of material.  Amazingly enough, we filled those hours with little trouble.  I had never played a high school dance before, and I learned a great deal.  Here is a list of key facts to be chewed on for future events of a similar nature (other dances).

1) High Schools that are only two years old have only two classes - freshman and sophomore
2) Freshman and sophomore girls like to go to dances
3) Freshmen and sophomore girls like to scream at college boys who play the piano and sing
4) Freshmen and sophomore girls can scream really loud
5) Freshmen and sophomore girls will stop at nothing to get hugs from piano boys who sing

    Now being completely ignored by these screaming girls as I was might bother some guys I know.  A key difference between them and I would probably be an age difference of a decade or so.  The girls were 14 and 15.  They probably still play house for crying out loud!  Anywho, a couple of our band members were quite thrilled to be screamed at.  After it all was through, I can safely say that our piano player and vocalist is indeed a huge female magnet to seemingly no end. 

    Last night about 10 of us went out for some food downtown.  The girls sat in one booth and the guys in another.  Initially, I thought this a fine idea.  Out of nowhere, however, mischievous boys and girls alike ignited a large war full of bred roll grenades and flying french fries.  On top of thinking that the "Flying French Fries of Death" would be a great name for a band, I thought that guys and girls sure have an interesting way of communicating around here.  In fact, a good friend of mine allowed me to hear the details of his master plan to win the heart of a lovely lady on campus.  Instead of going with the worn and tired ways of the old farts, he is, you guessed it, going to completely ignore her.  Good old reverse psychology.  By this new inspiration, I am forming a plan of my own.  If his plan works as he said it has before, I'll just step it up a notch.  Should I ever find a girl that I feel led to date, I won't even look in her direction.  If she talks to me, I'll look at the wall behind her or just look around, ignoring her.  If she approaches me again, I'll punch her in the face.  I'll slash her tires and write her insulting notes.  Yup, I'm sure to nab me a good one.

    Well there you go, some random junk to chew on for the day.

Posted at 07:06 pm by Phil_Harmonic
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